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Fermentations December 29, 2009

Posted by Alex Sawit in Happenings at the Shop.

By Alex Sawit

29 December 2009


I was looking for a technical definition of the word “fermentation,” so I checked the Merriam-Webster online dictionary and got the following:

    Fer·men·ta·tion: an enzymatically controlled anaerobic breakdown of an energy-rich compound (as a carbohydrate to carbon dioxide and alcohol).

That’s a technical definition.  But if you’re a wine lover, “fermentation” is simply what happens when yeasts convert the sugars in grape juice to alcohol.  Then (TA-DAA!) you’ve got wine.

For us, that’s a meaningful definition.  But let’s take it a step further.  If you’re a regular at Cyrano Wine Shop, then you need to know that Fermentations is the title of the column of our fellow wine lover and Cyrano friend, Cecile Mauricio.

Cecile (say “seh-SEEL”), whom I introduced to Cyrano friends months ago when the wine shop re-booted its business team, has been writing her column for the Business Mirror for some time.  In a local scene that is getting overrun by food bloggers with indistinguishable “restaurant review of the day” routines, Cecile is one the few remaining food & wine writers in the country who truly understands the difference between what tastes commonly good and what tastes absolutely divine.  That’s because she possesses the two things that a real food writer is supposed to have and what the majority of food bloggers don’t: 1) a finely tuned, discerning palate and 2) a genuine wealth of culinary knowledge.

To put it plainly, Cecile is the real deal.  So if you want to listen to someone who can give a glimpse of what’s happening in the highest circles of wining and dining in the metropolis and beyond, check out Fermentations every Sunday in Business Mirror’s Lifestyle Section. To read her latest article as of this writing (she mentions Cyrano), go to http://www.businessmirror.com.ph/home/life/20149-holiday-thoughts.html).

Now that’s my personal definition.





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