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Evo VII May 25, 2012

Posted by Alex Sawit in Happenings at the Shop.

By Alex Sawit

25 May 2012


It’s been said that, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result each time.” This is popularly but mistakenly attributed to Albert Einstein, who as a scientific genius probably would have agreed with the saying anyway.

Time has a way of sliding by unnoticed. It’s been more than a year since I’ve posted anything new on this blog and I’ve had more than enough time to think about the last seven years that Cyrano has been around as “your favorite little neighborhood wine shop.”

Yeah, seven years. It’s been that long.

Folks who’ve been coming to the shop since the beginning are the ones most caught unaware. Even newcomers are surprised but for a different reason.

“But we’ve been driving down this street for years,” they usually say in astonishment, “and we thought you just opened!”

So we at the shop did a lot of thinking about what we’ve been doing and what we haven’t been doing. And we came to the conclusion that we had to evolve.

That’s why I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge KPT, one of our most loyal Cyrano friends. She’s the engine behind the evolving direction of our shop in it’s seventh year, which started with awesome acoustic nights with Lee Grane and is set to continue with more great things to come.

On behalf of Ric, Joco and myself, thank you KPT.

And cheers to Cyrano Wine Shop “Evo VII” version (with apologies to the Mitsubishi Lancer).

Or, in the words of a very happy Junji Arias:






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