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Hallow Kitty November 1, 2013

Posted by Alex Sawit in In My Opinion, Stuff in General.

By Alex Sawit

November 1, 2013




It amuses me whenever I find a Hello Kitty hater.

I’m not a Hello Kitty hater. I swear. I may not understand other people’s continuing infatuation with this sugar-coated icon of Japanese pop culture but I now respect the brand for its longevity and global success. Plus, I’m a cat person.

Live and let live, right?

I mean, when a friend hands me her unopened cute pack of Hello Kitty wet wipes with a you-can-keep-it expression on her face along with the statement, “I hate Hello Kitty…it was given to me for free,” well then I just say thank you. Or when all of a sudden some rookie walks past me in the mall with a Hello Kitty guitar case proudly strapped to his back (yup, this stuff really happens in the Philippines), I just smile and tune out the head shakes and face palms of other onlookers.

But this one takes the cake.

Halloween was coming up in a few weeks when I saw this Hallow Kitty of a Honda City on the road on my way to Cyrano. Far from being holy, this felt as strange a sight as any trick-or-treater in a ridiculous, spooky costume.

“Hey,” my stunned friend Maegan asked when I showed her the picture later that night at the shop, after she had finished singing her last set. “Where did you see that?”

I told her that I took the picture as I was about to leave Alabang driving northward to Makati.

“This is so strange,” she said in a perturbed voice. “I just saw that Hello Kitty car when I was leaving Quezon City on my way to my gig here at Cyrano.”



I agreed. It was kind of creepy, too. Since Alabang and Queon City are in opposite directions from the wine shop, separated by about two hours travel time in rush hour traffic, our first thought was how on earth did the Honda get from Alabang to QC so fast. We soon realized that it didn’t.

“It’s not the same car,” Meg finally confirmed, perhaps still dazed by the uncanny coincidence. “Why the hell would they put Hello Kitty on their cars??”

We had a good moment exchanging looks of bewilderment. I actually don’t know if Meg is a Hello Kitty hater but the joke of it all was as inescapable to her as it was to me.

So keep your eyes open when you’re on the road. Halloween may be over but the meow-meow is still out there.





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