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Biba Barcelona! November 8, 2013

Posted by Alex Sawit in Happenings at the Shop.

By Alex Sawit

November 8, 2013




This post card from Spain arrived at the mail desk last Monday. It was such a glowing message that I thought Cyrano friends would be interested to hear what one of their own has been up to lately.


20 October 2013

Dear Alex,

Hola desde Barcelona! Believe it or not, I think Spain is the real gastronomical paradise on this earth. I have seen, heard, smelled, experienced & most importantly, eaten so much here – things I never even knew I had the stomach for – including & especially, ANGULAS aka baby eels! Those slithery, worm-like monsters are, in a word, divine. SIGH. I have learned to make tapas & sangria so I should regale you w/ my newfound skills!




Biba is beyond contestation the most spangled personality in our Cyrano community, a coquettish fairy tale princess and irreverent late night talk show host all in one blockbuster package deal. At the shop, I used to try to make her watch Anthony Bourdain’s food & travel videos about Spain but it had always proven a bit underwhelming for one such as her. I’m happy that she has finally bought into the program about Spanish cuisine in its many regional representations.

Now all we have to do is convince her to finally host her own self-titled talk show, for which we’ve long been coming up with name studies. Like:

Brava Biba!

Bibang Biba!

Biba Las Vegas!

Nah, forget Vegas. A Cyrano friend possessed by wanderlust deserves a cosmopolitan city in Europe and the production budget to match.

Biba Barcelona!





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