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Vicky’s Class of 2013 December 13, 2013

Posted by Alex Sawit in Happenings at the Shop.

By Alex Sawit

December 13, 2013




It’s become a Cyrano tradition to screen the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the shop as soon as we’ve downloaded it after the U.S. broadcast.

Whew. Last night was the soonest we’d ever done so, a mere 36 hours or so after it aired on the East Coast (thank you, high speed torrent download) and what a breath taker this year’s edition was. Two words: Taylor Swift.

“You know there’s a debate going on online,” I told my mixologist friend Jeric, the cocktail supremo of the new drinking den in the wine shop’s back room, as we watched Swift rendering her song I Knew You Were Trouble surrounded by VS models onstage, “that she stole the show with this performance.”

Jeric seemed to nod, although he added levity by mentioning that some jokers had already uploaded a spoof video of this segment of the show, inserting the bleating sound of livestock during the song’s refrain. Hey, in this social media savvy world, when people rush to make spoof videos of your stuff while it’s still hot off the press, that’s how you know your stuff is hot, hot, hot property.


Fall Out Boy feat. Taylor Swift singing My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.
The song may have belonged to the band but the stage belonged to Swift.


A costume change and back on the runway singing I Knew You Were Trouble.


No wonder the media was excitedly asking after the show if she might
have what it takes to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel herself.


On the other hand, our shop’s senior wine steward, Feona, was safely behind the bar playing casting director, critiquing those VS models she deemed less suitable for the show.

“Sir, tingnan mo…diretso siya, wala siyang curves,” she insistently said about one of the show’s most popular models, Doutzen Kroes.

Good grief. I chuckled and told Feona that someone standing under 5’2” ought to forgive the imagined shortcomings of taller women who for reasons unknown to her are the darlings of lingerie makers. At least we both agreed that Candice Swanepoel, she with those mind-blowing hips, was once again the night’s hottest eye-candy endorser of expensive panties on the runway.

Not wanting to be outdone by Feona’s comedy relief, Jeric made a reference to Star Wars in dissing VS model Barbara Fialho. “She looks,” he said in a jab at the Brazilian’s most prominent facial features, “like the squid-eyed admiral who commanded the rebel attack on the Death Star.”


Wala siyang curves? Ian Axel doesn’t seem to share that opinion.


I feel sorry for Shakira because this girl’s hips really don’t lie.


I get what Jeric is saying but I guess many folks like this exotic look.


She’s 5’10” and she’s got the look. Who says she can’t be a VS Angel?


Take note, we had customers while all this was going on. I’m sure the girls drinking wine on the couch in earshot of us at the counter were laughing at our commentary just as much as they were enjoying the show (one of them even shook my hand in playful jest to congratulate us for the hard work it took to set up this screening so fast after the U.S. broadcast).

So all comedy aside, the verdict’s in: another spectacular show this year. I’ll be screening it all week and beyond for those of you who want to watch at the shop.





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