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Check Out This Pair February 16, 2014

Posted by Alex Sawit in Happenings at the Shop.

By Alex Sawit

February 16, 2014




“Look at what Lanie gave me,” I told Jeric, who is the resident “Cocktail Nazi” of The Curator, as he sat across the room by the window, doing some paperwork for his drinking den that is hidden in our back room.

I held up a pair of plastic decorative owls that one of our Cyrano friends, Lanie, had just brought back for the shop as a souvenir from her recent vacation in Myanmar.

“Lanie says these are Burmese owls,” I said before putting them back at the base of the Samsung flatscreen beside the cashier’s desk, where they are now prominently on display. “She says that in Burma, it’s supposed to be good luck to keep a pair in your shop.”

But before returning the two plump-shaped figures, I couldn’t resist calling his attention to the obvious. I dangled them from my fingers in the air just a little longer for effect.

“Burmese hooters,” I said.

Jeric’s booming laughter instantly hit like a tidal wave inside the wine shop.

Although my two wine stewards were left wondering what the heck was so funny, Cyrano friends are welcome to drop in anytime to see our new pair of bosom buddies.

Hehe, I kill me…








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