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Jack March 20, 2014

Posted by Alex Sawit in Stuff in General.

By Alex Sawit

March 20, 2014




As far as I know, my Cyrano friend Vida is the biggest fan in the world of a certain brand of Tennessee whiskey, so much so that she’s strictly on a first name basis whenever she talks about Old No. 7 in conversation.

“Jack,” she simply calls it.

Well, Vida, I have to tell you that there’s another whisky now on display at the shop, one which I hope to get more of whenever our “supply train” from Japan is doing a run. The thing is, I’ve decided to call this whisky on a first name basis, too. Unfortunately, there’s room for only one whisky to be called “Jack” at the shop.

So Vida, meet the new Jack.



Formally known as “Nikka Gold & Gold Whisky”, this classic blend in the famous armored samurai bottle has been selling in Japan since 1968 and is much in favor in its home market because of its winning combination of easy drinkability and ripe flavor.

But I’d really like for Vida to meet the new Jack…if only to deliver my corny punchline, which I’m saving for her even though I’ve been dropping it gleefully on unsuspecting folks at the shop for more than a week.

Take this on-the-spot Instagram reaction of Vida’s fellow Cyrano friend, Fatima, for instance:



“I don’t get it,” Fatima quickly asked, just like every other puzzled Cyrano friend before her had done. “Why do you call this whisky Jack?”

“Because,” I said, “it’s a Samurai.”

I’ll save it for Vida as long as I can, if only to make Genndy Tartakovsky proud.





1. Fatima Tee - March 21, 2014

Who would have thought that your joke will evolve into a blog post?

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