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Time-Out for Seven July 5, 2014

Posted by Alex Sawit in Stuff in General.

By Alex Sawit

July 5, 2014


Sorry, dear readers.

Being a writer, it’s very distracting when someone or something interrupts me when I’m in the middle of trying to finish what I’m writing. But it’s more distracting when that interruption is another writing assignment. And in this case, there’s a lot of them.

I was in the process of completing my 3-part series, “Paradise Lost”, for the Cyrano Friends blog when something urgent came up that needed to be prioritized. I can only focus on writing one major piece at a time, so if you’ve been patiently waiting for the conclusion of that series, please accept my apologies. I had to take a time-out.

It’s for my entertainment group – we made that Ellen Adarna Exercise Video everybody was talking about last year – that I’m a founding member of. We’re rushing to complete something, so right now I’m preoccupied with several editorial requirements, which taken together have been short-circuiting my brain.

It may interest you to know, however, that for one of these requirements, I had to develop a set of seven female characters and write their profiles (based on the Greek mythological archetypes identified by psychologist Shimoda-Bolen).

I’ve dubbed them, “The Sexy Seven”.

The premise is that all beautiful women can be categorized into seven sexy types:


1.   Diva

2.   Hostess

3.   Traveler

4.   Strategist

5.   Huntress

6.   Stylist

7.   Siren


Since all the women who hang out at Cyrano fall into these seven kinds, and since I feel badly that this project continues to delay what I had originally been writing for this blog, I’ve decided to share with Cyrano friends some of the things I’ve been writing about The Sexy Seven. So for the next seven days, I’ll be posting one concise profile per day, per female.

For the women of Cyrano, the question now is, which of the seven types are you?

Let’s find out. First up tomorrow: the Diva.



EDITOR’S NOTE (July 24, 2014): Due to the potential for trademark dispute, the original name for the No. 7 archetype has been changed. Henceforth, this archetype among The Sexy Seven is named “Siren”.







1. Alice Marie Labao - August 24, 2016

Hi Alex,

Have you finished the definitions of all the Seven?
This was the only one I received!

Hope all is well.
Best Regards

Alex Sawit - August 25, 2016

Hi Alice!

You can find the definitions of all the Seven by going to the numbered links listed on the same post you read. But just to be safe, I’ll email you the links individually right now.

Let me know when you can visit our Cyrano branch in Alabang! 🙂


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