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Seven Beauties – No. 2 “Hostess” July 7, 2014

Posted by Alex Sawit in Stuff in General.

By Alex Sawit

July 7, 2014



This is the 2nd profile in a collection of archetypes called “The Sexy Seven”, which was specifically created for a male audience. To read the introduction, go to Time-Out for Seven.



Profile No. 2:


   The Hostess


      Nature:           Nurturing

      Motto:             “Food is love.”

      Love Quote:   “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”


“The Woman Who Lived in a Shoe”,
illustrated by J. Scott Campbell


Charismatic. Intimately attentive. Always putting her heart into bringing pleasure to others. “Men love her because they want to be with her,” declared The Guardian. “Women love her because they want to be her.” Although that was written about the stunningly beautiful Nigella Lawson – the home cook turned global celebrity whose “domestic goddess” forever elevated our expectations of cooking shows – it perfectly describes the effect that the Hostess has on men.

Any woman can play hostess. But only the Hostess has the gift to devote herself to everyone as an alluring, one-woman reception party. The reception goes wherever she goes, whether she’s being warm and welcoming when you bump into her at the local deli (notice her basket of Emmenthaler and Gruyère, Wagyu tenderloin, and Belgian chocolate?) or looking gorgeous when she opens the door to greet you at your sister’s place after the girls begged her to do fondue night (ah, that’s why she was at the deli…she makes righteous fondue au fromage, fondue bourguignonne, fondue au chocolat!). Before you know it, you’re in the kitchen asking her to let you help her with the dishes, a shameless ploy to share a bottle of wine alone with this hottie, away from her girl group.

Why is she so amazing at making you feel so cared for? Simply put, she has a passion for nurturing whatever she believes belongs to her. She loves to make life in her world grow into something wonderful. That’s why the flower garden outside her house is so blooming. Why her ventures are so alive with her entrepreneurial energy. Why her circle of friends is so enriched by her selflessness.

Now you know why cooking is so meaningful to her. She wants her food to be so good, it’s orgasmic – especially if it’s for her man. Yes, food (paired with wine) is her favorite prelude to sex. After all, she believes that food and sex are two sides of the same coin: the latter leads to the birth of life, the former nourishes it. And the Hostess is all about nurturing life.

Does that whet your appetite? If you’re hungry for more, here’s a tip on how to really make her fall for you: she has a weak spot for a guy who never loses touch with his inner child.


[ Next profile tomorrow: the Traveler ]







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