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Seven Beauties – No. 3 “Traveler” July 8, 2014

Posted by Alex Sawit in Stuff in General.

By Alex Sawit

July 8, 2014



This is the 3rd profile in a collection of archetypes called “The Sexy Seven”, which was specifically created for a male audience. To read the introduction, go to Time-Out for Seven.



Profile No. 3:


   The Traveler


      Nature:           Soul-Searching

      Motto:             “Life is a journey.”

      Love Quote:   “Let’s enjoy the ride and see what happens.”


Comic book heroine “Calie Liddle” illustrated by Mike Krome


Call her a romantic heroine. Of all the seven beauties, none is more in love with exploring life than the Traveler.

Observe her choices when she’s on vacation in her favorite bookstore and you’ll understand: novels of Jane Austen, The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas, poems of Neruda, On the Road by Kerouac, The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Kundera, works by archetypal psychologist Jean Shimoda-Bolen, fiction by Murakami…

Actually, there are no vacations for her, only expeditions of discovery. She loves to get lost in different worlds, both real and imagined, as proven by the accumulating stamps on her passport and the receipts constantly being issued at the bookstore counter. And being so curious, she’s always open to trying what is different (she might even have been a non-conformist goth chick in the past).

It all shows how fun-loving this girl is. No wonder the guys are smitten by her. She’s just so playful. She can’t help it that men feel this makes her such a sexy tease.

But she’s really searching for something. She may not even know what it is; she only knows that she feels a question mark inside her, which makes her vulnerable to getting lost in life’s illusions. That’s where you come in. If you have a grown-up mind to guide her wisely, as her mentor you can help her find her true calling. Once she figures it out, you’ll have shown her how to be a guide to others who are searching, too.

Then maybe, she’ll also figure out that what she really wants is a life shared with a man as understanding, as sacrificing, and as faithful as you.


[ Next profile tomorrow: the Strategist ]







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