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Seven Beauties – No. 4 “Strategist” July 9, 2014

Posted by Alex Sawit in Stuff in General.

By Alex Sawit

July 9, 2014



This is the 4th profile in a collection of archetypes called “The Sexy Seven”, which was specifically created for a male audience. To read the introduction, go to Time-Out for Seven.



Profile No. 2:


   The Strategist


      Nature:           Decisive

      Motto:             “Win before you fight.”

      Love Quote:   “We make a winning team.”


Greek mythology’s “Athena” illustrated by Paul Renaud


Here’s another woman who is lusted after by alpha-males.

As divine as she appears, the Strategist is the least swayed by her own looks. Other women are too into themselves, but for the Strategist, looking beautiful is also good manners. She knows that a woman who doesn’t look presentable in a man’s world can’t expect them to open doors for her…and to listen to the plans that she champions. In other words, she appreciates getting noticed by her colleagues for being a pretty thing, but what she really values is the trust that the boss has in her abilities. She’s his secret weapon for turning a vision into a winning strategy.

That’s why alpha-males find her so hot. Because she’s much more than smart – she has supreme mental confidence. She has a sexy mind. It’s the cerebral equivalent of intimate lingerie worn discreetly under an elegant business suit.

That analogy also fittingly describes how she controls her emotions, keeping them under wraps. For her opponents, finding the emotional weak spot in her armor is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Yet once found, it’s like hitting a raw nerve. Her calmness instantly gives way to an eruption that clouds her judgement in conference room battles. Fortunately, you can count on her to be the most prepared to still emerge victorious (“Amat victoria curam.”), because she always has a plan “B”.

Yet she does remove her armor for those few she deems worthy of her unguarded feelings. And if you’re the worthiest of men, she’ll let you remove it for her. Are you that kind of man? If so, you already know the three things that she values in you, which will make her always stand by your side: your discerning mind, your tempered spirit, and your heroic heart.


[ Next profile tomorrow: the Huntress ]







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