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Seven Beauties – No. 5 “Huntress” July 10, 2014

Posted by Alex Sawit in Stuff in General.

By Alex Sawit

July 10, 2014



This is the 5th profile in a collection of archetypes called “The Sexy Seven”, which was specifically created for a male audience. To read the introduction, go to Time-Out for Seven.



Profile No. 5:


   The Huntress


      Nature:           Competitive

      Motto:             “Anything you can do, I can do better.”

      Love Quote:   “Shoot first and ask questions later.”


Comic book heroine “Robyn Hood” illustrated by Eric Basaldua


Imagine Wonder Woman twirling her magic lasso, demanding your surrender. Or Lara Croft putting you in the sights of her two-gun draw as you put your hands up (she’s good with bow and arrow, too). Or that hottie neighbor of yours flashing her running shoes, catching you with her “I refuse to lose” attitude as she overtakes you again on your daily morning run.

That’s the Huntress. Wow. The fact that she doesn’t back down to any guy only makes her sexier. This girl lives for the thrill of the hunt, one challenge after another, be it a new work project…or a new love interest. All women enjoy being pursued, but she most enjoys being the pursuer.

Avoid developing a lover’s rivalry with her, however. Even if it’s just for fun, she’ll get reckless about beating you and could accidentally shoot you through the heart. Instead of competing against her, work as a team for the same goals, but be her opposite.

Business project? She attacks logistics, you negotiate with clients. Dinner party? She subdues the kitchen, you manage front-of-house. Video game? She gets the gunner’s front seat, you fly the chopper from over her shoulder.

Remember: the right man for a Huntress isn’t another hunter, but a chivalrous captain of the guard who can oversee her missions, balancing her dangerous side with his cool-headed thinking. Because being with her and loving her is the real adventure that you signed up for.


[ Next profile tomorrow: the Stylist ]







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