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Seven Beauties – No. 7 “Siren” July 12, 2014

Posted by Alex Sawit in Stuff in General.

By Alex Sawit

July 12, 2014



This is the 7th profile in a collection of archetypes called “The Sexy Seven”, which was specifically created for a male audience. To read the introduction, go to Time-Out for Seven.


[ EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to the potential for trademark dispute, the original name for the No. 7 archetype has been changed. Henceforth, this archetype among The Sexy Seven is named “Siren”. (July 24, 2014) ]



Profile No. 7:


   The Siren


      Nature:           Mischievous

      Motto:             “If it feels good, do it.”

      Love Quote:   “How bad could it be…if I amuse myself with thee?”


Sci-fi heroine “Deja Thoris, Princess of Mars”
illustrated by Leandro Oliveira


Nothing enlarges a man’s…self-esteem like the adoration of a beautiful woman – one who makes him feel like he’s the center of the universe. Just be careful if she’s the Siren. It may feel like you’re playing with her, but she’s the one playing with you. Be very careful. She has a taste for toying with men’s hearts, in which case she’ll play with her food before devouring it.

Other women rely on a signature move to secure a man’s undivided attention. But the Siren? All she has to do is sit quietly at her laptop, minding her own business at her neighborhood Starbucks, without make-up, dressed modestly in a t-shirt and jeans, sporting a simple, long ponytail…and the air will be so heavy with her sex appeal that guys can’t breathe or think of anything else (notice the stolen glances whenever she reaches up to fix her ponytail, letting down her hair in a manner so voluminous and shapely that she seems pornographic to her admirers).

Make no mistake: the Siren is the most sexually intense among the seven beauties. This gives her the power to stimulate those around her, making them feel passionately about anything she wants them to feel passionate about. Hence, her friendship is a glorious inspiration to writers, painters, composers and other creative individuals. She’s artistic herself, allowing her to channel her sexual energy into her own work.

But it’s a two-way street. She needs lots of stimulation in return to restore her equilibrium. It’s a need that compels her to get a fix wherever she can find it and she’ll play by her own rules to get her pleasure as instantly as possible. On a sweltering evening, she’ll jump straight into the pool without bothering to change indoors first (she likes skinny-dipping anyway). On a chilly night, she’ll bust open the lock on your liquor cabinet with a voluptuous laugh and, before you can answer, uncork that bottle of Armagnac she knows you were saving for a special occasion (she’ll tell you that she is the occasion).

Now you know why she’s trouble. She likes to play with fire. It’s therefore no surprise that the Siren has a reputation for being a serial heartbreaker (or worse, a homewrecker). Still, if that doesn’t scare you off, maybe you’re the one who can unlock a meaningful relationship with her.

The key is stimulation. It’s a two-way street, remember? She fills others with passion and needs lots of it in return to replenish herself. That’s why she goes back and forth between two kinds of men. She adores being with a gentle, sincere guy whose heartfelt talent she can enflame. But she also goes for a rude fellow who can fire up her uninhibited desires (she likes party animals and tricksters, but her favorite is a wild lover). If she sticks to one of them exclusively, the relationship will either stagnate or explode in a blaze of destruction. What she needs is a man who is both guys in one person. Good cop, bad cop. A gentleman who reciprocates her sweetness during the work week, then turns into a rogue who gets bad with her on weekends.

Still not scared? In any case, here’s a tip to help you figure out if you have what it takes to be her guy: she loves a man who can really make her laugh.


[ To review all seven female profiles, go to Time-Out for Seven. ]







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