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Vicky’s Class of 2014 December 13, 2014

Posted by Alex Sawit in Happenings at the Shop.
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By Alex Sawit

December 13, 2014




   “Objectify women!!”

   That was Jeric’s battle cry when he joined Cyrano for Wednesday night’s screening of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014 in London. He walked over from The Curator just in time because Taylor Swift was on her opening number, singing her current hit single, Blank Space, and looking appropriately stunning to match the supermodels walking on the runway.

   As a reminder, Jeric is supremo of The Curator, that great little cocktail bar inconspicuously tucked behind our wine shop, away from the sight of passersby on the street. As another reminder, Jeric identifies himself as a Swiftie, so much so that he spontaneously created a “Swiftie” drink in advance of last night’s screening.

   For the record, this is the fastest we’ve ever screened it – freshly downloaded a mere seven hours following the US telecast and played at the shop about three hours after that (we beat the local cable TV telecast by a day…har-har!). Of course, Cyrano friends ought to know well enough to expect an immediate screening at the wine shop whenever we have the latest show.

   “Hey Alex,” our art director neighbor, KD, texted me while on her lunch break that day, “let me know if you’re having VS (2014) viewing…haha.”

   “Watching it tonight!!!!” emailed our cosmopolitan traveler, Lanie, vacationing in New York but still supporting the gang.

   “Count me in,” texted our wine blogger, Gail, confirming her attendance.

   Now, back to that battle cry.

   “Objectify women!!”

   “Yes, objectify women!” I echoed in support of Jeric’s enthusiastic contempt of political correctness. “We only objectify those who want to be objectified!”


A powerful trio of angels for the VS brand: Behati Prinsloo (aka Mrs. Levine)…


…Karlie Kloss, all 6’1″ of her (height without shoes),…


…and Candice Swanepoel, the angel with the world’s hottest hip sway.


Don’t ask Ed Sheeran who’ll succeed Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio.


   “I got tickets to his concert,” Bernice beamed happily from her seat at the bar when Ed Sheeran appeared onstage with a pure-hearted rendition of Thinking Out Loud, even as the boys in the room gawked at the plentiful supply of eye-candy during the song.

   Bernice oversees The Curator’s daytime coffee operations and she’s a fan of pretty spectacles, Vicky’s show being about as spectacular as it gets. She’s up to date about who’s who in the show, which led us to discuss the tricky question of succession at Victoria’s Secret, now that its two alpha females, South Americans Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, are close to retirement. How about the two girls from southern Africa, Candace Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo, and American Karlie Kloss? We pondered how that trio is growing increasingly powerful on behalf of the brand.

   Politics were quickly forgotten when Ariana Grande with her patented left-side-only-to-the-camera face showed up, singing a mash-up of her hits…and the editors deleted her face-smacking encounter with Elsa Hock’s costume wing, what Cosmopolitan called “the wing slap heard around the world.”


Duck!!! Left side to camera, left side to camera…


   “I was waiting to see that!” was the disappointed reaction of the girls in the room, who knew well in advance about the diva’s now famous mishap. As it is, producers run the show twice on the same night, recording both runs to edit the best footage possible for the final video. To her credit, the petite-sized Grande (maybe she was too preoccupied with keeping her left side on camera to notice the impending collision) followed her miscue with a burst of good-natured goofiness on the runway, adding a playful facet to an already sparkling musical performance.

   But just like at last year’s show, it was a ravishing Taylor Swift who shone brightly in the final act. Looking like a classic pinup girl in her retro lingerie-style costume, Swift performed the television debut of her song Style, with VS angels using the same black lingerie theme.


But if Taylor Swift is an honorary angel…


…does that makes her the most powerful angel of all?


   “I liked the last segment the best,” emailed Lanie the next day, echoing the sentiments of others like Gail, who especially liked Taylor Swift’s closing song. As for Gail’s hubby, Chad, being a highly placed representative of L’Oreal Philippines, he was probably happier to see his favorite angel Doutzen Kroes (who gave birth a little over four months ago) walking in her post-pregnancy hotness as Swift completed her song.

   “It’s a tradition,” said Chad merrily as his wife eagerly agreed, “to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at Cyrano.”

   I say cheers to that. And oh yeah, I look forward to objectifying women responsibly with all of you again next year.



[ To read last year’s post about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, go to Vicky’s Class of 2013 ]







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