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Right as Rain May 23, 2015

Posted by Alex Sawit in Stuff in General.

By Alex Sawit

May 23, 2015





   I don’t know if you have faith in the meaning of dreams. Truly, how do you trust those dreams that come to you when you are unawake, trust that they could possibly tell you the right answers to all the right questions you never even knew you were asking?

   I have that kind of faith. Which is why once I understood the meaning of the dream I had the other day, I realized that I had to speak up for it to the Cyrano community. If anything, I should have spoken up for this a long time ago.

   I had a dream about Rain.

   To the many of you who have been my Cyrano friends since the opening years of our little neighborhood wine shop’s existence, I know you remember who Rain is. Back then, you could not have missed encountering this very petite woman, whose sweet disposition belies a most unassuming alpha-female personality – intimidatingly intelligent to some, soul-searchingly artistic and cultured to most, devotedly nurturing to a special few (incidentally her given name, Veronica, originates from the Athenian name Pheroníkē, meaning “she who brings victory”, a perfect compliment about Rain’s leadership in the corporate world). Often, she used to drop by for a quick visit as I and my kid sister were running the shop, or stay with us for the entire evening over a bottle of wine or two. In other words, you all knew that if you wanted to be part of the Cyrano family in those days, Rain was in the package deal, because you knew she was my girlfriend.

   But this dream of mine that I had the other day…

   It caught me by surprise. I know how to interpret my dreams, and when I awoke that morning I immediately found myself lucidly reflecting on it. Dream though it was, this is the first time I’ve seen Rain in six years. It’s been that long since we moved on with our separate lives.

   While I won’t reveal what happened in the dream – all I can tell you is that in addition to Rain being in it, and me of course, there were two supporting female characters whose presence drove the sexual tension in the story – it’s enough to say that I awoke with a restless feeling, telling me that something very meaningful had been messaged to me. I just needed to be honest with myself to understand it.

   So I was honest with myself. And now, I sincerely appreciate what my dream was telling me.

   You see every once in a while, I still hear whisperings about Rain within our Cyrano community. Unfortunately, not all of these comments have been kind. I can only assume that for whatever reason, a few of you really did find her to be that intimidating, even aloof. One Cyrano friend even felt relieved enough to confess to never really liking my ex-girlfriend, and seemingly tried to encourage me to feel the same way. It’s unfair. Yet in the face of such unsolicited advice, I always kept quiet. I always let the comments slide. I chose to deflect any discussion, partly because I saw no point in dignifying an argument over something that was already concluded, but also because I wanted a private matter to stay private.

   Qui tacet consentire videtur (“He who is silent is presumed to agree.”). That was my mistake.

   It all makes sense to me now, Cyrano friends: my dream was telling me to acknowledge her, to do so wholeheartedly, and to do so in a way that is meaningful to our real life story.

   To begin with, most of you weren’t aware of Rain’s legacy to Cyrano Wine Shop, that she played a crucial role at the exact moment Cyrano first came to life a decade ago. We were driving home after dinner, when I was pleased to announce the name I had chosen for the new bar I was planning to open. But just to feel reassured about my choice, I asked for more suggestions. Supportively, Rain suggested Salute, after I said Romanza was the winner among the name studies. I like to think it was the psychologist in her speaking, because she then hit the nail on the head: Rain asked me to consider naming it after a fictional character or historical figure. “Well, if I do that,” I said jokingly, not realizing that I was about to say the name of someone who is both a historical and fictional hero, “I might as well call it Cyrano de Bergerac.” From that moment on, the spirit that lives in that name has been championing my intent, empowering Cyrano friends to be the romantic adventurers that you are.

   Shortly afterward, she came onboard, although not as a business partner. My associates and I formed a business relationship with her and her associates, in which we all agreed to occupy the unusual space I found – an unlikely place that we turned into arguably the most desirable bar location in the city (no one had ever before thought of this location, which originally had no outdoor access, as the perfect place for a bar until we transformed it). Thus, our two groups shared the burden of the lease and operated two separate establishments under one roof (our wine shop in the front room, their spa in the back room). It was this vital arrangement, conceived and implemented by Rain, that finally made everything feasible.

   So take my word for it. Without Rain, Cyrano Wine Shop as you know and love it would never have happened.

   Yet none of that is the real message of my dream. So I am clearly telling you now that I dismiss with prejudice whatever misconceptions my silence may have fostered among you about her. Because even though things didn’t work out for us in the end, Rain is even now someone who is very dear to me.

   Truly, I never got to tell you just how special she is. I know what real dignity in this world is made of, and I am grateful for having met in her a woman of substance who is so wonderfully, beautifully genuine. The world relies upon many different measures of authenticity, yet even if only for her unwavering integrity and her personal courage, it gladdens me to tell you that Rain is one of the most heroic women I have ever known.



   This is how I think of her. This is what she means to me. It is important to me that you know this, Cyrano friends, and remember it always.

   In the end, whether or not you yourselves have faith in the power of dreams is a matter of your own personal determination. I only ask that you have faith in the message of mine. Wherever the happy Cyrano family may be, Rain will always be one of us. I can already feel that every true Cyrano friend will be more than glad about my clarity.

   If I may happily say so, it’s a feeling that’s as right as rain.





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