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A Thirst for Wine Fusions July 19, 2015

Posted by Alex Sawit in Food & Drink.


Guest post written by Gail Sotelo

Reposted from 2shotsandapint.com

July 15, 2015





   “You’ve never liked a drink this much this soon,” said Chad.

   I agreed.

   Well, he has seen me drink so often that I took his word for it (in my defense, I tried very hard to act cool in Burgundy while having that divine glass of Aloxe-Corton).

   Going back to the drink I was having at the time that merited Chad’s statement, it was the newest offering of Cyrano, simply called “Brew-Blended Wines”.

   By definition, the drinks are classified under the “beer-wine” cocktail category. They come in two flavors: The “White Label” Torrontes-Weizen, and the “Red Label” Sherry-Shiraz-Weizen.

   Oh, and did I mention that these are proudly Cyrano’s own concoctions? Alex, the bartender, told me the recent craft beer trend inspired them.


Yummy, creamy Red Label.


   For that evening, I decided to try the Red Label.

   I was immediately blown away.

   The taste is reminiscent of a Belgian Stout Ale in terms of flavor profile and effervescence. I personally love the notes of chocolates, raisins, prune, and earthy malt, all tied together with a decadent, creamy texture.

   It can be consumed in any situation: a nice dinner, while watching TV, having dinner with friends, watching Eurovision (I have Alex to thank for this), and even on date night (especially if the decision between having wine or beer leads to an impasse).

   So, if you’re a traditional beer drinker who wants to develop a taste for wine, a wino looking for a change, or an adventurous drinker willing to try something deliciously different, you should try a carafe (or two) of these fabulous beverages. Tell me what you think. Cheers!





Guest post written by Gail Sotelo

Reposted from 2shotsandapint.com

July 18, 2015



White Label fresh from the carafe.



   We finally managed to try out the White Label version of Cyrano’s new Brew-Blended Wines last night…. We weren’t able to do so last time because, according to Alex, it was all Feona’s fault.

   Seriously, people should drop by Cyrano just to see these two banter.

   Anyway, the white counterpart of their home-made cocktail is refreshing, easy to drink, and easy to finish. It’s perfect for people who like drinking more feminine, effervescent beverages.

   Don’t get me wrong, though. The crisp notes of this drink can appeal to beer lovers as well (especially those who prefer Pilsners).

   Try it out and tell us what you think. Cheers!







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