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FHM Asks Stupid Questions August 31, 2015

Posted by Alex Sawit in Stuff in General.

By Alex Sawit

August 31, 2015



Screenshot of Max Collins, FHM Philippines Cover Girl for March 2015.



   Here’s good news: we now have FHM Philippines on Cyrano’s video playlist.

   Having started a tradition of screening the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the wine shop, it now makes sense to add FHM Philippines to our “bar friendly” playlist of videos (in other words, this is the kind of eye candy that both guys and girls actually enjoy watching together while drinking). Local FHM frequently produces outstanding content nowadays for upload to their official YouTube channel, so all we’re doing is selecting the right stuff for the viewing pleasure of our kind of wine crowd. Judging from the reactions of Cyrano friends during the past week, these videos are already a hit.

   Now, here’s the bad news.

   I don’t usually feel the need to act as a grammar cop. But when a predominantly English language magazine as popular as FHM Philippines keeps displaying the same grammatical error in its videos, I can’t help but wonder what the editors are doing. When you teach the wrong thing, your followers will learn to do the wrong thing. If FHM’s young, social-media savvy readers adopt the magazine’s wrong grammar as part their everyday language, it’ll be a headache to correct them once they’re set in their ways. Just think of how difficult it is right now trying to fix their Pinoy-style telephone speech when they put someone on hold, saying, “For a while…”

   Here is FHM’s offending onscreen headline with its grammatical error, shown in five versions (as featured in FHM’s monthly series “Stupid Questions” on YouTube):

    “FHM Asks Stupid Questions to Arianny Celeste” (August 2015)

    “FHM Asks Stupid Questions to Valeen Montenegro” (July 2015)

    “FHM Asks Stupid Questions to Arny Ross” (May 2015)

    “FHM Asks Stupid Questions to Patricia Javier” (April 2015)

    “FHM Asks Stupid Questions to Max Collins” (March 2015)


Screenshot of a YouTube episode of “FHM Asks Stupid Questions”.


   It’s embarassing. FHM Philippines has been saying it this way on its videos for over a year now (the oldest episode of “Stupid Questions” that I found on their YouTube channel is that of Beauty Gonzalez, FHM’s August 2014 cover girl). In a bygone era, this kind of high-profile copy error for a major brand would have merited the courtesy resignation of the officer who approved it.

   We live in different times. So for the benefit of FHM Philippines and its readership, allow me to demonstrate why that headline is annoying to the normal English speaking world (to make it easy, I’ll rephrase it in question form).

   WRONG: “May I ask stupid questions to you?”

   CORRECT: “May I ask stupid questions of you?” or “May I address stupid questions to you?


FHM’s teaser for next month’s cover girl.


   Take a hint, FHM Philippines. We’re fans of your videos, so please fix the way you’ve been phrasing your headline before it’s too late. Otherwise, I fear that the day may come when one of your readers will appear at the shop declaring, “Can I ask an intelligent question to you about wine?”







1. Angela Navato - September 6, 2015

Or… May i ask you stupid questions..

Alexander Sawit - September 6, 2015

Yup, that’s correct. I wonder how long it will take before the magazine gets the hint.

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