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Wine Friendly Poetry November 10, 2015

Posted by Alex Sawit in Stuff in General.

By Alex Sawit

November 10, 2015



   “You want to do one more poetry reading (in) November?”

   That message to me was texted by the founder of the Drunk Poets Society, which I am happy to say has made a merry home for itself at Cyrano. I gladly consented to the request. It’s been a while since the wine-loving Society had a poetry reading here, and with schedules beginning to tighten as we approach the sprint to year’s end, we realistically have only one more evening to do this before the holiday season partying takes over our nightly preoccupations.

   The theme for this planned evening? Romantic poetry, of course.

   I’ve said it before: wine is passion, words are love. If there is any storytelling indulgence that befits a wine bar hideaway which bears the name of a romantic poet, it is romantic poetry. And since this is the Society’s last poetry reading planned for the year, I’ll indulge in offering this wine friendly poem by my own hand, so that anyone that evening may read it aloud as amorously as one pleases.

   Enjoy the poem, Cyrano friends.





More Than Words



My lady,
I know our words are a joy to us each evening,
these sweet conversations,
sprinkled with moonbeams and starlight,
of friendship and warmth heartfelt to the heavens.
Yet I cannot deny
my quiet yearning,
knowing that to honor you
restrains me in your presence.

More than words,
‘tis my wish to be with you, freely and affectionately,
to vow upon this ring
of golden moon and diamond starry sky.
More than words,
‘tis my wish to hold you through the night,
whispering in your ear my ungentlemanly desire,
that I may see my own intent returned through your gaze
with burning tenderness.

My lady,
do I speak beyond my reach?
I pray you hold not my confession against me.
But know this:
You are the treasure of my heart.
And whensoever you brave your fears,
to accept me completely,
I shall confirm my sincerity with my lips upon yours
and make you mine.

Oh my love,
I ask that you have faith,
for I have conquered torments
that have felled lesser men.
More than words, believe in me,
and we will slay your fears together,
my strength making yours greater,
my hope sending yours higher,
my love and yours lifting us always, ever free.



Alexander Sawit
October 24, 2015








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