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11th Hour November 14, 2015

Posted by Alex Sawit in Happenings at the Shop.

By Alex Sawit

November 14, 2015



Relax, Cyrano friends. It’s just a mock-up for the new location.



   “I’m gonna miss this place,” wistfully remarked Joco, who along with Ric is one of your ever amiable co-proprietors here at Cyrano (apparently, I’m not considered amiable enough, given that I’m the guy folks call the grumpy cat), after the wine shop celebrated its 11th anniversary last October 23, at the same corner of C. Palanca Street in Legaspi Village.

   “I’m not attached to this place,” I replied in a casual tone of voice, which really expressed how all of us were looking forward to moving to our new location next year – a very special location that’s just a brisk walk away from our current spot and which, given the time constraint we were under to search for a new place, we were happy to find at the 11th hour.

   Eleven years on the river of time…a lot of time for a lot of things to have happened for us to remember.

   What comes to mind most are the people we’ve met. As we like to say here, “At Cyrano we don’t have customers; we just have friends.” Of course, as one would expect as part of the nature of meeting people, a few bad apples came our way and went, thankfully, but many more have become true friends of our Cyrano family.

   So here’s to family. Cheers to you, Cyrano friends, and to our beautiful future together. As Joco said it, “Our best years are ahead of us.”







1. Rochelle Umale - November 15, 2015

Why are you moving?

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Alexander Sawit - November 15, 2015

Why? Haha, our old landlord who was very friendly and helpful to us for all these years is no longer the owner of the place. Also, rent is going to go up unreasonably. Plus, I want to give a chance for all the non-corporeal residents (aka ghosts) that stay here to move on.

Seriously, we have four confirmed residents that customers have been seeing here for the last 11 years. They’re all very friendly, though, and we even gave them names: Collette (8-year old girl whom folks have been seeing here the longest), Casper (10-year old boy who became Collette’s playmate after he started showing up), Carmen (lady in her late twenties who appears in pre-war style white lace sleepwear with her hair down, and who seems to have a motherly fondness for Collette and Casper), and Casey (dude who started showing up about a year ago).

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