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Honest Food for Real Wine Drinkers May 12, 2016

Posted by Alex Sawit in Food & Drink, Happenings at the Shop.

By Alex Sawit

May 12, 2016



A simple charcuterie platter of paté, rillettes, saucisson, and chorizo…yum!!!


   In preparation for Cyrano’s move to its new location, I’ve been freely listening to the suggestions of different friends who are culinary professionals, asking for ideas on how best to update our food menu.

   One chef friend, Ian Padilla, who trained in France at the famed Taillevent restaurant, eventually got around to saying that in spirit Cyrano reminded him of a famous wine bar in Paris called Le Baron Rouge (“The Red Baron”).  It’s a tiny wine bar (about the same size as Cyrano) that has been described as a “blue collar bar” that doesn’t have time for pretentious wine snobs.


Photo originally posted at wineterroirs.com.


   Interestingly, their original menu was famously simple: cheese boards and charcuterie platters (check the top picture of a typical charcuterie combo of paté/terrine, rillettes, saucisson, and chorizo), plus fresh oysters on the shell on weekends.  That was it.

   My friend Ian says it was only when foreign tourists started crowding the place all the time and ignorantly asking for “other stuff” that the Baron expanded the menu to accommodate their untrained palates. At Le Baron Rouge, the original food concept was to keep things authentic and simple, nothing fussy or fancy, and it worked.


Photo originally posted at wineterroirs.com.


   “This is the kind of place I like,” e-mailed my business partner and Cyrano friend Joco, after seeing the e-mail reference I sent him about Le Baron Rouge and recognizing the similarities. As every Cyrano friend already knows, we’ve never had a kitchen, yet we still managed behind the bar counter to cook tasty treats for you to enjoy with your wine. And we’ve always kept our menu simple.

   “Yeah, my thoughts too,” I e-mailed in reply. “It was Ian who pointed this place to me, because Baron Rouge doesn’t even have a real kitchen, just a bar set-up.  Their charcuterie platters don’t require cooking, but these are their signature menu items that customers love.  It’s old school and simple, yet a lot of customers in our new location have never been introduced to this fun style of eating while drinking.”


Photo originally posted at wineterroirs.com.


   “Also,” I continued. “When the place gets too crowded and customers have to stay outside, notice that they stack plastic crates and top them with serving trays to make a makeshift high table. And they get away with the look because they’re “Parisians”.  I wonder if we’d be able to get away with doing that…haha!”

   “I think we can,” Joco e-mailed back with a smiley face.

   Thumbs up. More than that, I look forward to getting away with keeping it nice and simple at our new place – just tweaking our menu with more of the honest, uncomplicated food that always gives comfort to real wine drinkers (aka Cyrano friends).







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