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Facing Facebook November 2, 2016

Posted by Alex Sawit in Happenings at the Shop.

By Alex Sawit

November 2, 2016




   Yeah, yeah, yeah…it finally happened.

   As most Cyrano friends know, I’d been telling you for years that Facebook was not my cup of tea, being the kind of writer that I am. FB just isn’t the sort of venue that appeals to the sense of rhythm that I have when it comes to writing about the things I like to write about.

   “Alex,” folks would excitedly ask me in person. “Please send me a friend request on Facebook!”

   “Facebook?” I would say to burst their bubbles. “I’ve heard of Facebook. I’ve also heard of Twitter. I’ve even heard of Instagram…”

   But after years of repeatedly making it clear to all Cyrano friends that I would NEVER be pressured by you into getting on Facebook…well, the day you’ve long been waiting for has arrived. Here I am. Yuck.

   Here is the barrage of FB responses that arrived from Cyrano friends after you folks got notifications that I had signed up.


    Jonathan Co:
    Alex is it really you?

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s me…our Cyrano manager insisted that I get on Facebook…grrr…hate this Facebook thing. But it’s for the good of the wine shop.


    Fatima Tee:
    You’re on Facebook?!?! xD xD xD

    Ugh, yes…I’m now on FB. Yuck, yuck, yuck. My biz consultant forced me to get an account so I can better promote Cyrano. I guess it’s justified…


    Gail Sotelo:
    Wow. You’re on Facebook. O_O

    Alex: Ugh…don’t rub it in…I was required by my biz consultant to open an account with this social media provider…


    Joel Fabonan:

    Yes…I am finally here on this ubiquitous social media provider, not by choice but due to pressure from my business consultant. I miss the old days, boohoo-hoo…


    Angela Navato:
    Finally getting social media savvy huh? Facebook and now Viber! Wow!

    Ugh, please don’t call me social media savvy…it gives me a headache just being on this thing. Wait. What do you mean I’m on Viber? I’m on Viber? Who put me on Viber???


   Ah, whaddaya know…it turns out the shop’s manager put me on something called Viber. How the heck do I use that? Hahaha…

   For the record, I decided to get on FB after an internal discussion at the wine shop made it obvious that I needed to manage Cyrano’s presence on social media. As the saying goes, if you want something different to happen, you have to do something different. With your favorite neighborhood wine shop getting ready for its official re-launch this November in a new place (we’re in the cellar level of Madison Galeries in the Alabang area, located amongst the cool residential communities of Alabang Hills and Hillsborough villages), embracing Facebook was easily the sensible thing to do.

   “Welcome to FB hehe,” was the teasing message I got from my cousin, Charlene, who was one of the first responders on my new Facebook page.

   Sigh. There’s no turning back.







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