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Cyrano Reloaded…in Alabang! December 21, 2016

Posted by Alex Sawit in Happenings at the Shop.

By Alex Sawit

December 21, 2016




   Before I tell you about our newly opened store branch…

   I apologize to all Cyrano friends who have been waiting for news about the new Makati location of the wine shop. I’d been building up your anticipation since last year, even teasing you with a photo-rendered visual of the spot in Salcedo Village that we were supposedly relocating to (based on our handshake agreement with the prospective landlord). It was all set…then it blew up.

   Our prospective landlord, who for months had been assuring us that moving into the new spot would be “easy” and that this was a sure thing, suddenly admitted that he didn’t have enough votes to persuade the newly-elected board of his building to lease the spot to us at this time. No, he wasn’t kidding. The admission was so unbelievable, so bizarre given all the reassurances we had received, that the bad news slammed into us like an absurd Hollywood story gimmick after you’d been suckered into wasting your time watching it…Sharknado!!!

   Ugh…regrettably, our plans for Makati will just have to wait until that situation changes (or we find a different venue).

   In the meantime, and without further ado, allow me to present Cyrano Wine Shop in Alabang.



   Size? It’s almost the same size as the old Cyrano. You’ll be delighted to know that we stayed true to the original spirit of a small, cozy hangout for wine lovers. It doesn’t have the eccentric, trapezoid-like layout that was a unique feature of its predecessor in Makati, but the Alabang branch is just as intimate, albeit expressed with more simplicity and practicality.

   Location? It’s in the lower ground floor (what the wine person in me likes to refer to as the “cellar level”) of a village community mall, which sits admiringly across the road from a gorgeous new church, with residential communities to the left and right, the most notable of which being the villages of Alabang Hills and Hillsborough (the church is clad in rustic brick, topped with an eye-catching, golden-like dome that lends an Eastern European look to this religious structure; the architecture is most beautiful in the late afternoon light, when the dome glows in the setting sun and the brick facade turns radiant red). In addition, the upper floors of the mall offer a reasonably panoramic view of Laguna lake down the road, great for watching a full moon as it begins to rise above the ridges of land just beyond the water’s edge (by the way, this is how I watched the November “Super Moon”).

   Neighbors? I’m glad to say that there are a lot of welcoming folks here, with the locals being generally more laid back than in Makati (a lot of our Alabang customers feel at home visiting the shop dressed in shorts, which I find makes for a more casual, convivial atmosphere for appreciating wine). We officially opened only last November 12, so the locals are still in the happy process of getting to know us better (and the feedback has been very good, with lots of folks commending our wine selection).

   Do I miss the old place? Honestly, no, I don’t. It’s enough for me to say that I learned a lot from the original venue and that I’m going to keep applying the lessons of that experience in moving forward (well, okay, I wish we still had that plant box outside the doorway, which is where we all loved having wine picnics on the grass using that famous picnic blanket of ours).

   What I really miss are the happy folks from the old neighborhood. It’s fun getting to befriend all the new neighbors, but they can’t replace the people who’ve been with us through thick and thin. I’m proud that during our time together in the original location, we were able to build a community of wine heroes and heroines. We became a family. I look forward to this family of ours meeting up every once in a while, here in your new Alabang getaway.

   Yeah, it’s good to be back after a six month absence…although if you think about it, we never really went away. We were just reloading. Cheers!







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