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Vicky’s Class of 2016 December 29, 2016

Posted by Alex Sawit in Happenings at the Shop.

By Alex Sawit

December 29, 2016




   So…why did I procrastinate about posting this blog’s annual write-up on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

   As Cyrano friends know, it’s a cherished tradition at Cyrano Wine Shop to screen the VSFS for you folks immediately after the U.S. broadcast (always downloaded after the morning Philippine time, allowing us to screen it later in the evening). This year, the build-up to the latest running of the show was scintillating: first time ever to be hosted in the city of Paris…chosen venue was the magnificent Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées with its vaulted glass ceiling…more than 50 models walking the runway…a power-packed line-up of musical performers in Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, the Weeknd…


A view of Paris from the river Seine.


All set at the Grand Palais.


   Yet after screening the show earlier this month, something didn’t feel right to me.

   That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy watching it, especially the opening segment. Playing to an elaborate Oriental theme, the world’s greatest lingerie spectacle kicked off with a sultry entrance by a dragon-coiled Elsa Hosk, immediately followed by an exquisite East Asian princess impression by Taylor Hill…and not far behind were Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, the two most gorgeous rookies on last year’s show, both looking more at ease this year. And so on and so on…

   Later on, Lady Gaga gave a standout vocal performances. Bruno Mars killed it with songs from his latest album 24k Magic. The Weeknd…uh, he sang with a different haircut from that deranged pineapple hairdo he sported on the show last year…yeesh. Plus, there were lots more VS models in between. And then the show was over.


So it begins. Here she comes…


First out is that devastating dragon lady, Elsa.


Next up is one hot princess in Taylor.


The wild backdrop makes it tough to see her wings but Kendall is a stunner.


Gigi is back…kaboom! And so on and so on…


   So…why do I feel let down by Vicky’s Class of 2016? Simple. Here’s the list of my favorites who were not included in this year’s show:

    * Erin Heatherton (quit after the 2013 show)
    * Doutzen Kroes (quit after the 2014 show)
    * Karlie Kloss (quit after the 2014 show)
    * Candice Swanepoel (mandatory leave due to new VS maternity policy)
    * Behati Prinsloo (mandatory leave due to new VS maternity policy)
    * Jac Jagaciak (still not known why this Polish hottie was dropped
       from the show, even though it wasn’t long ago that VS was touting
       her as one of its rising stars)

   I know that all of this is just a business at the end of the day. On the one hand, VS is ultimately out to protect its brand and it sometimes plays hardball. On the other hand, the girls eventually have to weigh whether the prestige of being a VS supermodel is worth the relatively low pay, the disruptive, widely dispersed time commitments, and the constant pressures they are put under by VS bosses. I know all of that…and I’m tired. I’m tired of VS making us invest of ourselves as an audience, making us look forward to seeing our favorites on the show only to be disappointed by yet another year of absentees.

   Ay, what a nuisance the management at VS is turning into. Yeah, I’m still gonna watch the show. Yeah, I’m still gonna enjoy all the eye candy. But the bosses at VS better not keep doing this.


Did I mention that Lady Gaga and the Weeknd preceded the finale?


Thank you, Bruno Mars. Show’s over.


   One last thing: the video editing of this year’s show was rushed and the quality of the telecast suffered for it.

   In past years, the video production company was given about two weeks to properly edit the show for TV broadcast. This year, however, the bosses at VS had the show recorded on November 30, then aired on December 5, meaning the editors were forced to finish the job within five days. The drop in quality was obvious in the final video, as camera transitions from one model to the next frequently did not go smoothly enough and at times felt uncomfortably abrupt to the viewer’s eye. We viewers want to sip and savor these gorgeous visuals, but the parade of VS models came and went like a busy schedule that couldn’t afford to stop and smell the flowers (by the way, as good a vocalist as she is, it didn’t help that Lady Gaga kept competing for attention with the girls, often crowding them out of their spots as they tried to nail their poses at the end of the runway). Are you listening, you big bosses at Victoria’s Secret?

   Okay. I’m done venting. Next up in a few months: The Victoria’s Secret Swim Special. Woo-hoo!



[ To read last year’s post about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, go to Vicky’s Class of 2015 ]







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