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Welcome to “Cyrano Friends”


Greetings and welcome to your official blog site, Cyrano friend.

It was Tisha Samson who first started using the name “Cyrano friends” to identify all the folks who have staked their claim to our wine shop. It later acquired special meaning thanks to her mom, who innocently called our place Cheers after observing that, around here, everyone seems to know your name.


But who exactly are you, Cyrano friends? Quite a diverse, cosmoploitan collection of folks, it turns out, all of you so different in age and profession and yet so connected by the same passion for wine and living. Hence this blog/newsletter, which we hope will further our togetherness by keeping everyone up-to-date on anything and everything that goes on in your favorite wine shop.

So go ahead. Drink wine and uncork the romantic hero inside you whenever you’re here.



Alex Sawit





1. t - January 8, 2008

who is that thin guy that steals stuff?

2. Alexander Sawit - January 8, 2008

Yeah, that thin guy… isn’t he John Oliver from The Daily Show? I better check our inventory of ashtrays again.

3. cara - January 10, 2008

aww, thanks for keeping us part of the family, even if we’ve been away for two years!!! loved the ‘what is cyrano’ bit–good to know some things never change!! hi to everyone and please stay open til we come back….haha

4. Ianne - January 25, 2008

Hi Alex, I miss Cyrano! Must drop by very soon for a quick carmenere between baby feedings. Happy new year and big hug to you and Cris : )

5. jeyps - August 12, 2008

tisha’s totally spies!!!! now i gotta love that!!! hahaha!

6. a good year by peter mayle and the Flips Flipping Pages « ArtSeblis - September 26, 2010

[…] amazing eat, talk, eat, swap, and learn gathering. Sheila (aka Shy) had arranged to hold it at the Cyrano Wine Shop on Palanca St of Legaspi Village, Makati. Cyrano owner, Alex Sawit, presided over the bar, […]

7. Nino Mendoza - March 26, 2012

Good wine, good food, good company leads to a good heart!

Rochelle Sawit-Umale - November 2, 2012

Is this Nino Mendonza from Sal Lo?

Alexander Sawit - November 2, 2012

Yup, this is the same Nino Mendoza, the brother of Tessa (same batch as Ate Lissa, Assumption HS 1983).

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